Philip Hoeffner (Höffner) was the first Hoeffner in New York to emigrate to America. He was born on November 25, 1815 in the village of Medelsheim, which at that time was part of the Kingdom of Bavaria (modern-day Saarland, Germany).  In 1840, Philip married Katharina Frommel who also was living in New York. They lived in Fosters Meadow (modern-day Elmont) where he farmed the west side Elmont Road, and also on Hempstead Turnpike, next to the toll house, which today would be a part of Belmont Racetrack. Philip and Katharina had six children: Nicholaus, Henry, Margarethe, Anton, John and Maria. The first five grew to adulthood, married and had numerous children. Philip and Katherina died in Fosters Meadow and are buried in St. Boniface Roman Catholic Cemetery in Elmont.

Philip's and Katharina's fourth child, Anton, was born in the Township of Jamaica, New York, in 1849.  In 1874, Anton married Katherine Huttner (who emigrated to the States in 1865) and they had 8 children - four who grew to adulthood:  Mary, Anton, Henry and Jacob. Anton farmed in Fosters Meadow, too, like his father. His land was located on the southwestern corner of Rosedale, now considered Valley Stream.  Anton and Katherine are both buried in St. Boniface Roman Catholic Cemetery in Elmont.

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June 5, 1937 - An article appearing in the "New York Post."  Anton Hoeffner (1878-1967), in addition to his farm off Rosedale Road (then known as Ocean Avenue), also owned a hundred-acre citrus grove (oranges and grapefruits) in Fort Pierce, Florida.  The fruit crate label image above is from that very farm.  In 1931, and continuing for many summers thereafter, Hoeffner hired African-American farmhands from his Florida grove, to work on his farm in Valley Stream. The Reisert and Rottkamp farming families from Valley Stream are also noted in this article.

$2 Day Florida Negro Labor - Must Save Cash to Pay Their Way Back Home

Photo courtesy of the Hoeffner Family and Franklin Square Historical Society
Fosters Meadow Heritage Center (Raymond Hoeffner)

May 28, 1946 - An article appearing in the "Nassau Daily Review-Star."  The courts grants an injunction to Anton Hoeffner, and other farmers of Valley Stream, against four riding schools and academies, for racing horses and damaging crops of valuable farmlands in Valley Stream.

Court Curbs Activities of Horse Riders