No Overnight Parking in Valley Stream-It’s a Common Sense Law!

No Overnight Parking in Valley Stream-It’s a Common Sense Law!

One of the most frequently asked questions at Village Hall is, “Why are residents not permitted to park their cars on the street overnight?”

The reasons are simple, and make a lot of sense.  Primarily, the concerns are for those of safety.  Police and emergency personnel can more easily navigate down streets that are not congested.  In the event of a fire or other disaster, seconds truly do count.  In addition, when there are fewer cars out at night it is easier to spot trouble, such as abandoned vehicles that don’t belong in our neighborhoods.

Cleanliness is another important factor.  Our village street cleaners and road maintenance vehicles make frequent runs through our 93 miles of roadways, and less congestion makes the job quicker and more efficient. Sanitation and recycling vehicles can pass in the early morning hours with fewer obstructions. Obviously, in the fall and winter leaf and snow removal is another major factor. 

Now let’s imagine that there were no restrictions on overnight parking.  This would mean that anyone could park their vehicles in front of your house, at any time.  You and the other drivers in your household may not be able to park close enough to your own home, at night or throughout the day.

Furthermore, we work very hard to stay on top of the issue of illegal apartments throughout our village.  There are many reasons why such situations cause unsafe conditions, but suffice it to say that allowing unfettered overnight parking would only make this situation more difficult to control.

Since the earliest days of our village’s incorporation, residents have found ways to park. As families grow and the numbers of cars increase, it is sometimes a challenge to find adequate parking, but by taking advantage of the village’s commercial parking lots, or seeking the use of the driveways of friends, neighbors and senior citizens who might welcome more activity around their homes, everyone can cooperate to find ways to keep our streets clean and safe.