Resident and Migratory Birds

Did you know there are several resident and migratory birds that visit Mill Pond and ponds, streams, and parks? A Valley Stream resident has compiled this list from direct observation of these birds in Valley Stream!




American robin

Common grackle

Dark-eyed junco

Downy woodpecker

European starling

House sparrow

Mourning dove

Northern mockingbird

Pigeons (rock doves)

Red-bellied woodpecker

Tufted titmouse



Herring gull

Ring-billed gull


Wading Bird

Great blue heron



Canada goose

Double-crested cormorant


Mute swan



Red-tailed hawk

Osprey (water-oriented)



Water Birds

Great egret

Hooded merganser

Northern shoveler

Snow goose 



American goldfinch

Eastern phoebe

Golden-crowned kinglet

Northern flicker

Palm warbler

Ruby-crowned kinglet

Song sparrow

White-breasted nuthatch

White-throated sparrow

Yellow-rumped warbler


Important information: Feeding the ducks is actually unhealthy and potentially dangerous for birds! Also, plastic pollution is having a detrimental impact on our wildlife. Read more at the links below:

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