Tom Gorman




In 1925, Thomas Gorman and family moved to 22 Pershing Avenue in Gibson. Tommy was 5 months old. Gorman attended Brooklyn Avenue School and Central High (South wasn't yet built).  At the time, (Jacob) James Bergen was Central's Latin teacher, he would later become Assistant Principal. He was also a scout for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. (In his youth, Bergen played semi-pro and umpired.) Bergen would go on to be South High's principal (1955-1977). 

Gorman should have graduated Central in 1944, but he joined the Navy the summer before his senior year. When Gorman returned home after the war, his buddy "Jimmy" Bergen encouraged his good friend to attend night school. Which Tom did; graduating in 1952. 

Bergen is also credited with Tom's signing on with the Yankees! Although Gorman's Yankees career was short: 1952-1954, it was also sweet: World Series champion in both the 1952 and 1953 games against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Among his teammates were Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford. Ford, may his memory be for a blessing, was Gorman's roommate and one of his closest friends. 

In 1954, Gorman was traded to the Kansas City Athletics. He retired after the 1959 season and returned home to Valley Stream. Gorman married Marilyn Munson, also from Valley Stream, and together they raised five children, all Central graduates. The family lived at 474 West Valley Stream Blvd. 

In 1990, the Village of Valley Stream and the Central High School District honored Tom at a Recognition Ceremony.

Gorman passed away in 1992.

22 Pershing Avenue, Gibson - Gorman's childhood home


James bergen, South High School's first principal. Mr. Bergen retired in 1977.



474 W. Valley Stream Blvd., Valley Stream

February 23, 1989 - oral history outline

November 19, 1990 - Recognition Ceremony