30 South Franklin Avenue (northwest corner of South Franklin and West Fairview avenues)
Walter Harrod (1919-2017) was a well-known, well-spoken villager, who had a deep and abiding
respect for the people and history of Valley Stream. He lived to the ripe old age of 98.

1918 - 30 South Franklin Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580


1921 ca. - Grandmother Elbert, Walter Harrod, and "Jerry".
In the background: the woods, now Monica Village.


1922 ca.Unknown child on left. Walter Harrod on right. 
In the background: former Grace Methodist Episcopal Church (demolished).
The educational building of Grace M.E. took its place.


photo credit: Steve Haner 



Walter was a family friend. I didn’t know him in his early years but did in his later years. He was a gentle man. When my father was confined to a life in Orzac, Walter was so faithful in visiting him. He was amazing. Two weeks after my father died my mother and I held our Thanksgiving dinner as a tribute to those who had been so good to my father in making his confinement less lonely. Walter was one of those guests. He took my hand and said it was his privilege to do so and he was so honored to be invited for Thanksgiving. He sincerely meant it. What a beautiful spirit he had. ❤️  — Kathleen Keller, July 2022

Aw, my Walter, the sweetest, gentlest, caring, and loving person. No one will ever compare to him. He was my neighbor, but honestly, I saw him like a grandfather. We would talk for hours about Valley Stream and how he grew up. I will forever keep them in my heart. I miss him so much. He loved this community and his house. It broke my heart into million pieces when he passed and when I saw them throw away all his belongings. I know it’s all material, but nonetheless, it hurt. And by the way, the front of the house where the door is, there was two white benches and we would sit and laugh till it got dark. Rest in peace my friend till we meet again. ❤️ — Kelly Rivera, December 2022


Walter Harrod Oral History Outline + 15 Recorded Tracks
Recorded on March 28, 1988 at the home of Mr. Harrod
Interviewer: Helen Dowdeswell 
Walter Harrod - 03.28.1988 Oral History Outline
Scroll down for audio interview tracks.