1.        My recycle bin is broken, how do I go about obtaining a new recycling bin?

-To acquire a new bin you have two choices. You may bring it up to 175 Arlington Avenue and we will replace it with a new one for you. Or, you may call the Sanitation Department at 516-825-8108 and we will set up a day for you to leave it outside and the supervisor will come and swap it out for you.


2.        I have lost my recycle bin, how do I go about obtaining a new recycling bin?

-To acquire a new bin if you should lose your original one, there is a fee. The charge for a new bin is $10.00 payable by check. You could come to the Sanitation office located at 175 Arlington Avenue and purchase one. Or, you may print out the form on the Sanitation home page and mail it in with your check.


3.        How do I recycle old phone books?

-You may place old phone books out with your magazines and newspapers by tying them up and placing them next to your recycle bin.


4.        Can I recycle pots and pans or dishes?

-No, unfortunately we are not able to recycle those materials at this time.


5.        Can I recycle light bulbs?

-Light bulbs go out with your regular garbage and should not be placed in your recycle bins.


6.        Are hangers recyclable?

-No, neither plastic or wire hangers go in your recycle bin.  To dispose of such items please place them in your regular garbage.


7.        What do I do with pizza boxes or cardboard juice containers?

-Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept pizza boxes or colored cardboard for our recycle collection.  We can only accept plain brown corrugated cardboard.  Any other cardboard is to be placed out with the regular garbage.


8.        Can I recycle all plastics?

-No, unfortunately at this time we can only accept #1 and #2 plastics.  You will find this number underneath the item.  There is a triangle with a number on the bottom of all plastics.  If it is #1 or #2 then you can place it in your recycle bin.  All other plastics should be placed with your regular garbage. 


9.        Can I recycle Styrofoam? 

-No, the Village does not accept that material for recycling.  You may place it with your regular garbage.



1.         What size garbage pail can I buy?

-Village code states no pail should be larger than 32 gallons.

 2.         What are the dumping hours for the Sanitation Department?

-The Sanitation Department is open from 7 a.m. till 2 p.m. for dumping.

 3.         Where is the Sanitation dumping facility located?

-We are located at 175 Arlington Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580.

 4.         Is there a fee for residential dumping?

-Yes there is.  Construction debris including but not limited to, wood, sheetrock, paneling, flooring etc. is $140.00 per ton.  Agriculture, grass, leaves and tree debris is $120.00 per ton.  Concrete is $120.00 per ton.

 5.         What forms of payment do you accept for dumping?

-We ONLY accept checks at this time.

 6.         Do I need to bring anything with me when I dump?

-You will need a check and your license in order to be able to dump at our facility.

 7.         Can I throw batteries away with my garbage?

- Household alkaline batteries can be thrown away with your regular garbage. Lithium ion or rechargeable batteries MUST be properly recycled through e-waste pickup or drop-off. These types of batteries are NOT allowed to be placed with your garbage or recycling. You can return batteries to many retail locations where electronics are sold, drop off your batteries, or you may call to have a pick up scheduled at 516-825-8108.

 8.         Can I put my agriculture out with my regular garbage?

-Agriculture may only be placed at the curb on Wednesdays.  There will be no Agriculture collection during the week if Monday is an Observed Village Holiday.  See the Holiday Schedule for more details or call the Sanitation office at 516-825-8108. 

 9.         What time can I place my garbage out at the curb?

-According to Village Code, Garbage may be placed at the curb after 6 p.m. the night before your scheduled collection.

 10.      Is there a limit to how much garbage I may put out at one time?

-According to Village Code, you are permitted to have 250 pounds of garbage per week.  Anything more than this is considered excessive and will not be picked up.

 11.      What time does the Sanitation Department start picking up Garbage?

-The Sanitation Department begins picking up garbage at 6:30 a.m.  Garbage should be placed at the curb prior to this time.

*Any other questions call the Sanitation Department at 516-825-8108*