PICK UP SCHEDULE:  Agricultural waste is collected on Wednesdays ONLY.  If there is a Village Observed Holiday that falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, then there will be no Agriculture collection for that week unless otherwise noted on the Holiday Schedule.  Agriculture will be collected year round.


Materials such as leaves, grass clippings, flowers, hedge clippings, plants and small branches will be collected.  To dispose of these materials, place them in garbage bags, garbage cans or tie them up in 3-4 foot long bundles.  There is a 10 bag limit per week.  Please do not make these containers too heavy. 


Do not rake leaves into the street.  Any homeowner caught doing so may be issued a summons. 


If you have a landscaper, they are responsible for the removal of any materials they generate.  This includes trees on your property as well.  If a tree should fall, the homeowner is responsible for the removal.  It should not be placed at the curb.  The Sanitation Department will not pick it up.