History of the Bureau of Fire Prevention

Serving the community since 1957.


On March 11, 1957, the Board of Trustees passed an ordinance establishing the Bureau of Fire Prevention. The ordinance empowered the Bureau with making inspections of business and industrial buildings and enforcing local, Nassau County and New York State fire laws.


     In addition, the Chief Fire Inspector was in charge of all public educational programs, recorded all fires and rendered reports to Nassau County and New York State. He conducts investigations of all fires involving property damage of $100 or more. If any violations were reported, it was his duty to serve a summons to those who failed to correct violations of the fire codes.

     In April 1981, the Board of Trustees appointed Former Chief of Department Thomas Bartsch as Chief Fire Inspector.

     Upon taking command, Chief Bartsch revamped the Bureau's entire operation, began instituting new inspection guidelines and procedures, adopted a building file record keeping system, changed the assistant inspectors method of operation and their appointment process.

     In 1984, New York State mandated adoption of the new state fire code and required all inspectors who enforce the code, to attend training courses and become state certified.

     In January 2002, the State again updated their Building and Fire Codes to utilize the International Building Code with New York enhancements.  The inspectors again went through transitional training courses and State Certifications.

     In September 2003, after 23 years of dedication to the Fire Prevention Bureau, Chief Fire Inspector Thomas Bartsch retired and Assistant Fire Inspector Frank Roca was appointed by the Board of Trustees to Chief Fire Inspector.

     Today the Bureau consists of the Chief Inspector and six assistants. Each inspector has the authority to issue summonses for any violations of the fire codes and local ordinances of the village.

     Besides inspecting all commercial and multi-family buildings within the Incorporated Village, the Bureau has also assumed the responsibility of conducting inspections within the Green Acres Shopping Mall and the Hook Creek Industrial Park, which are part of the fire protection district.

     The Bureau has a outstanding working relationship with the Village Building Department and the Valley Stream Fire Department. The Chief Inspector assists the Building Inspector reviewing all commercial and multi-family contruction plans.

     We have come a long way since March 11, 1957. Our success over the past fifty years is attributed to all of the inspectors who have given so much of their time and talent.

If you wish to contact the Bureau:



  • Chief Fire Inspector Frank Roca
  • Inc Village of Valley Stream
  • 123 South Central Avenue
  • Valley Stream, NY 11580
  • Telephone (516) 592-5147
  • FAX (516) 825-6038

E-mail: vsfpb@vsvny.org