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Lain's Directory of Long Island (1878-9)

1878-9 Lain's Directory of Long Island

Charles Hughes Campaigns for Governor at the Valley Stream Train Depot

October 16, 1906 (New York Tribune)

Charles Hughes standing on the caboose of the eastbound train. 
Looking north from the Valley Stream LIRR Depot, located south of the street-grade train tracks.
The depot was located approximately where the car wash stands today; on the northwest corner of Sunrise Highway and Rockaway  Avenue.



Charles E. Hughes (1862-1948) was an American statesperson, politician, and Cornell Law School professor. As a member of the Republican Party, Hughes held many offices during his long life. In late 1906, he ran for governor, hitting the campaign trail and making stump speeches across Long Island. His first stop on a whirlwind, two-day tour (he visited 25 south and north shore villages) was Valley Stream! 

On Tuesday, October 16, 1906, the New York Tribune covered Hughes’ campaign. 

article highlights: 

Today was an ideal October day. The air was cool, crisp and bracing. It was perfect weather for outdoor speaking. The special train consisted of a private car and a club car for the newspaper men. 

There was a shout from a crowd of a hundred from the village of Valley Stream, which was reached at 11:10. 

"Fellow Citizens: I want to come down to Long Island and get acquainted with you. I want to shake hands with you and I want you to know me. I want you to know that if there is anything wrong in Albany, I shall do my best to clean it up." 

Several children, as soon as Mr. Hughes closed, pressed forward with a big bunch of flowers, which a little boy placed in the candidate's hand. After one or two other speakers had been heard the train started amid cheers. Mr. Hughes started to speak with his overcoat and hat on, but soon took off the overcoat, as the sun beat down on the rear platform. 

later that day in Sayville: 

Hughes went on to visit Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, Freeport, Wantagh—he traveled as far as Sag Harbor that Tuesday. Later that day at the Sayville depot, a disturbing and violent incident ensued: 

Mr. Hughes was interrupted, just before he finished speaking, by a lively dog fight. The two brutes rolled over and over, scattering the crowd, until one brave man took one of them, a bulldog, by the tail, beat him over the head with a whip handle and then threw him across the tracks. 

Hughes campaigned in 10 North Shore villages the following day. He won the election and served as governor of New York from 1907-1910. In 1916, he ran for president—only to lose to Woodrow Wilson by a close margin. Hughes went on to serve as Secretary of State and Chief Justice, from 1921-1925 and 1930-1941, respectively.

Amy Vacchio's St. George's Cemetery Project - Newsday

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September 28, 1992 

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Anna Gagliano Gordon and Mary Gordon

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January 17, 1915 - Brooklyn Daily Eagle 

H.M. Rush Sr., Killed 

Valley Stream Record and The Outlaw

Valley Stream's weekly newspaper published from 1922 - 1924.

Valley Stream Record and The Outlaw

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