Valley Stream, New York

Parks and Recreation Pass Fees 2017
Fees Effective from June 1st, 2017 through May 31st, 2018:

All credit card transactions will be subject to a 2.5% transaction fee

Photo I.D. Passes Included In Membership Fee

Please note: In order to apply for a Pool Membership, you must present two (2) proofs of residency, one of which must be a photo I.D.


Village Resident:

Family                                           265.00             (Please note: If your child has a different last name, a birth certificate will be required)
Individual Adult                              135.00             (16 yrs. or older)     
Individual Junior                              80.00              (10 -15 yrs. old)
Individual Sr. or handicapped           80.00   
Senior Citizen Family                     135.00             (parents over 60, children under 21)

Handicapped/Disabled/Wheelchair Aided Family       135.00   (proof required)

Village Resident Firemen, Auxiliary Police, Civilian Patrol & Servicemen/Women on Active Duty – Proof Required:

Family                                           135.00             (Please note: If your child has a different last name, a birth certificate will be required)
Individual                                        80.00     


Central High School Dist. No. 1 Residents:

Family                                            420.00            (Please note: If your child has a different last name, a birth certificate will be required)
Individual Adult                                200.00           (16 yrs. or older)
Individual Junior                               135.00           (10-15 yrs. old)
Individual Sr. or handicapped            105.00    
Senior Citizen Family                       215.00            (parents over 60, children under 21)

Handicapped/Disabled/Wheelchair Aided Family     215.00        (proof required)                                           

Central High School District #1  Firemen, Auxiliary Police & Servicemen/Women on Active Duty:

Family                                            215.00            (Please note: If your child has a different last name, a birth certificate will be required)
Individual                                        105.00                

Daily Admission Pool Fees - Village Residents:

Park Member:                             (Must have park pass)
Child                                                 9.00
Adult                                                11.00
Sr. Citizen                                         8.00

Guest (Must be accompanied by pool or park member):

Child                                                 10.00
Adult                                                 13.00
Sr. Citizen                                         9.00


NOTE: Only one pool discount is allowed per application.  That is, an applicant may receive either the senior citizen, handicapped with SSI, Auxiliary Police (Valley Stream only), Civilian Patrol (Valley Stream only) Volunteer Firemen (Valley Stream only) or Servicemen/Women (Valley Stream only) on Active Duty discount.


Park Membership Card Fees:

Village Residents                          21.00
Non-Residents                             60.00
Senior Citizen Residents               12.00
Senior Citizen Non-Residents        35.00


 Individual Green Fees:

Adults 16+                                         4.00
Seniors 60+                                       3.00
Youth 15 and Under                            3.00
Replay rounds                                     1.00 Discount Off Green Fees


GROUP RATES: Birthdays, organizations, sports leagues, fund raisers, schools, businesses:

Open Course Package:           

A.  Number of persons    15-25                    170.00 Package Price *
                                      26-50                    225.00 Package Price *

* Green Fees and Tent Rental fee for 3 hours.

Exclusive use of the course:                                    

 B. 50+ persons
     3 hour use         
     Before 6 pm                      250.00
     After 6 pm                        350.00

Package Includes:   Green Fees & Tent Rental


Dog Park fees:  Annual Membership:

Village Residents                               18.00
Central High School District #1          55.00 
Town of Hempstead                         110.00
Access Device Fee                            10.00
Lost Access Device Fee                     10.00


Room Rental fees:  

Burgundy Room         375.00      4 Hours
Lake Room                375.00      4 Hours
Tiger Town                 275.00      4 Hours
Fosters Meadow        275.00      4 Hours   
Gazebo                     300.00      4 Hours

Overtime fee is 50.00 for each additional hour.


  1. Two original proofs of residency are required for application.  You must be an Inc Village Of Valley Stream Resident or a CHSD #1 Resident to register / participate.  Proof of residency are official documents with your name and address on it. (ex. driver's license, utility bills, phone bills, etc.) 
  2. A valid pass is required to participate in the Parks and Recreation programs
  3. Senior Citizen is defined as those being 60 years of age or older
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