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January 2018 - Winter Weather

               Many of our village residents have reached out to us with questions, concerns and yes, compliments, regarding Valley Stream's plowing operation. With the winter season well underway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to address this timely issue.

               The January 4, 2018 storm was a serious “hurricane snowstorm” that cut a 1500 mile swath and brought wind gusts up to 50 mph. The winds made it very difficult for our snow plowing operation since the snow was blown back into the streets, causing repeated plowing of the same roads.

               Our crews worked around the clock and over the course of several days to clear the more than 90 miles of village roadways and parking fields. Clearing snow is extremely labor intensive and can be quite hazardous. White-out conditions and extreme cold only compound an already challenging situation.


               Crews must be rotated and mechanical teams must be standing by at all times to deal with any issues that arise during and immediately after a storm. As can be imagined, such severe weather puts a great deal of stress on people and equipment! I am extremely proud of the dedication that has been shown by our highway crews. They have a very tough job to do and they take their work very seriously.

               Of course, as much as we wish it could be so, not every block can be plowed first. Priority must always be given to clearing firehouses, schools, then main roads, secondary roads and parking fields. Dead ends and auxiliary parking fields, as well as park lands, while providing many benefits in good weather, are unfortunately not the high priority we wish they could be in a serious weather event like this.

               Snow storms are inconvenient, and sadly, we must expect our normal routines will be disrupted. The best we can do as governmental officials and citizens alike is to plan ahead to limit these disruptions as much as possible, and deal with each storm and its unique set of challenges.

               During times like these all citizens can do their part to help by keeping cars off the roads so our plows can clear from curb to curb, shoveling around hydrants for quick access and not throwing snow back in road when shoveling or snow blowing.

               In addition, it is simply impossible to prevent snow from being re-deposited on driveway aprons as plows pass. This is not done intentionally or in any way to further inconvenience our residents. As we say in our winter newsletter each year, “please don’t take it personally!”

               If you wrote to us or called through these challenging bad-weather months, we thank you for taking the time to advise us of your particular situation. Rest assured, our staff and village officials understand and sympathize with the difficulties such adverse weather brings. We ask that you continue to remain patient as our crews work through the winter to keep everyone on the roads, safely and as quickly as is humanly possible. Remember, spring is always right around the corner, no matter what the groundhog may say!


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